Q: Is the music free?

A: Good news. There is no need to worry.  All the music posted on this site was created with the intention to be free by the artist.  Free distribution of music has become very common in today’s music industry, and it is a great way for all types of artists to market themselves. For this reason there is no such legal or copyright infringement.

Q: What is a mixtape?

A:  A “mixtape” is a collection of songs compiled onto some common form of data storage.  In this day and age mp3’s are the most common medium for music. Today, mixtapes are most commonly used to help up-and-coming artists get their name out.  Even today’s biggest artists have mixtapes because it’s a great way to showcase their skills to fans without having to worry about various forms of media censorship.  Clink on the link here to read about 50 Cent and P Diddy’s outlook on the importance of free mixtapes.

Q: How do download music?

A: It’s simple.  The majority of our posts have links that will take you to a 3rd party site to download.  Don’t worry these aren’t random websites we found on the internet.  We have created accounts with all of them, and all the mp3’s are music we uploaded through these various sites to share with you.  Once you get to the download site all you gotta do is click the download link noted below, and the music will be yours.

Q: How do I submit music?

A: All you gotta do is email us at music@whatsinmypod.com. Check out the Submit A Song Page for more info.


Q: How can I support whatsinmypod.com?

A: Other than contributing music, best place to start is by liking us on Facebook or by following us on Twitter.



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