Geoff with a G – I am a 22 year-old first year graduate student attending Loyola University Chicago, where I am pursuing a dual  Master’sdegree in Business Administration and Accounting.  I also work at an Insurance Agency in Chicago’s downtown Loop.  I received my undergraduate degree last May from Indiana University, where I majored in Public Financial Management.  Amongst other things, I consume most of my days surfing the web for hottest music out there.  Regardless of genre, I’ve always found music has something to offer, which is why I decided to share all these dimes with you. [andy@whatsinmypod.com]

A to B – Currently living out of a suitcase in the endless pursuit of good music and the best times in Chicago. I serve as the main graphic artist for the site and dabble in posting some of the best new artists of the current era. I graduated from Indiana University two months ago with a double major business degree and a minor in “Kicking it Old School.” Please feel free to contact me with any inquiry you may have. [alex@whatsinmypod.com]

All this music was intended to be free by the artist, which is why I suggest you pickup as much music as possible.  All these artists put out great music for your enjoyment, so the least you can do is rep it.  I appreciate it, and the artists’ appreciate it. With that being said, I’m always looking for new artists to contribute, as well as new writers.  If you’re interested in either please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for checking out the site!

Updated News: We are in the preliminary stages of a partnership with thecollegetownlife.com. Great music and content soon to come.

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