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Alex Amarante aka “A-List” started as your typical college Dj trying to make music for him and his friends to party too while living in his dorm room.  Isn’t that the goal for most college kids anyways?  The only difference is that for every 1,000 “college” Dj’s, only a few can blend, slice, and mix tracks together like A-List.  His wide ranging ability to mix different genres of music and make them sound as if his mashups were the way they were initially intended to be, is truly a testament to A-List’s skills.  Although A-List isn’t your household name yet, he is no stranger her on WIMP, which is why we were excited to sit down with Alex, and introduce him to the music world.  Check out our interview with A-List, along with a sweet track list below. #WIMP

WIMP: When did you start making music? And how did you start?

A-List: I started making music my freshmen year in college (last year).  My friend from my dorm showed me this program he had and I started making mashups right after that.

WIMP: How did you get your name?

A-List: I made the name “A-List” up by myself.  My real name’s Alex so I just thought of stuff that starts with “A” and came up with “A-List” because I make high quality music and that name makes me think of high quality stuff.

WIMP: How would you describe your sound to potential fans?

A-List: My sound is mostly like The White Panda. I like to make tracks for people to party to and that could spread throughout colleges.  I’ve been starting to make more chill mashups but my main focus is on party music.

WIMP: What artists/musicians inspired you guys to make music?

A-List: The main artist that inspired me is The White Panda.  Their mashups are unbelievable and when I saw them in concert I knew I wanted to do something like them someday.  Also, Girl Talk is a huge inspiration.  I started to listen to Girl Talk a few years ago and couldn’t stop.

WIMP: Being a relatively new artists, what has been you overall impression with your fans’ reactions to your music?

A-List: From the people I’ve talked to, they seem to really like it.  With every new artist there’s gonna be haters, but I haven’t really heard any haters on my stuff.  Obviously I’ve gotten a few comments online like “wow dude you suck” or “your stuff sucks” but there’s always gonna be people like that.

WIMP: What’s it like hearing other people bump your music?

A-List: I haven’t really heard my stuff being played by many people other than my friends, but the few times I’ve heard my songs, it was unbelievable.  It’s so weird to think about how many people have your name and songs on their iPods.

WIMP: When you are not making music you are………?

A-List: When I’m not making music I’m either watching TV or playing video games.  I’m an Economics major and rarely have any work so homework doesn’t take up much of my time, you can ask my roommate/manager.  When I’m not making mashups I’m either watching The Office or playing NBA 2K11.

WIMP: Ultimately what would you like to accomplish in the music business?

A-List: With my music career I’d like to do shows around college campuses and just party all around the country.  As a mashup artist you’re not really in the business to get a record deal and be signed to a label, it’s more about doing college shows and partying.

WIMP: What can we expect in the near future?

A-List: I’m gonna keep on doing mashups and make them more complex (3+ songs in one), and probably going to release my first mixtape sometime this spring.

Be sure to check out more A-List on SoundCloud  here and if you’re looking to book A-List for any shows or parties, feel free to send your emails to: alex.amarante@uconn.edu.

And now finally some ear candy……..

**Download Entire A-List Discography**


No Memories (Waka Flocka vs David Guetta)

Forgot to Say Yeah (Dre and Eminem vs Wiz Khalifa)

Day n Stuff (Cudi vs Deadmau5)

Runaway to Lose Yourself (Eminem vs Kanye)

Tik Tok On The Unstoppable Clock (Kat and Lil Wayne vs Ke$ha)

X Gon Walk a Thousand Miles(DMX vs Vanessa Carlton)

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