Cam Meekins Inteview

Cam Meekins is not your typical teenager.   Cam hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, and he has already released three mixtapes with over 20,000 downloads worldwide.  Most kids his age haven’t even been in the school newspaper, let alone travel across the country to make a music video.  Still, before our interview I was not really sure what to expect.  We all know the kid can hold his own on the 1’s and 2’s, but interviews can be a whole other story.  Needless to say, after speaking with Cam, I was quite blown away to say the least.  Had I not know better, I would have thought Cam had been in the music business for years.  A seasoned veteran if you will.  Never would I have believed the kid released his first mixtape, Dancing With The Stars, less than a year ago.   Since then Cam has been popping out gems. Cam released his sophomore mixtape, Cam Meekins Day Off,  in October and his most recent Mixtape, 1993, a little over a week ago.  It’s not just Cam’s music that separates him from the rest, but how he goes about his business.  This 17 year-old from Boston is truly what every young musical artist should aspire to be.  Read our Q & A below, and you will see what I mean.

WIMP: So when did you start making music? And how did you get your start?

CAM: I started making music when I was in 3rd grade.  My older brother had a band, and I started to learn music by messing with his drums and guitar.  I always loved hip-hop and I started rapping when I was in 4th grade.  By the time I got to 10th grade I kinda realized I needed to start taking my career seriously, and I starting making beats and rapping over them.  I always loved music, and I wanted to influence people like music influenced me.


WIMP: How would describe your sound to potential fans?

CAM: I never wanted to be described as just one thing.  I just wanna be myself.  I like multiple types of music, which is why I have so many styles of music.


WIMP: What artists/musicians inspired you to pursue music?

CAM: Ah man. So many.  Bob Dylan, Sublime, Dave Mathews Band, Kanye West are a few.


WIMP: What has been your overall impression with your fans’ reactions to your new mixtape 1993?

CAM: Overal I’m super excited.  So far I haven’t got much negative feedback, and so far we have three times the downloads for 1993.  I really try to be natural, and make music for everyone, not just me.


WIMP: What’s it like going out to a party with your friends, and hearing people bump your music?

CAM: It’s crazy. I’m not really trying to live a celebrity lifestyle, I’m just living an ordinary life.  But sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life.  I either feel like I’m a high school kid or a rap artist, but I’m always with my friends.  Most of my experiences are with my friends, and without them I wouldn’t have any of this music.


WIMP: When you’re not making music you are…..?

CAM: …probably playing hackie sac or shooting around with my friends


WIMP:  Being so young, and yet so successful you’re bound to have some haters out there.  If you could give one message to all your haters what would it be?

CAM: Keep doing what they do.  They can hate on me, but forget them.  It’s motivation.  Haters are always gonna hate.


WIMP: Ultimately what would you like to accomplish in the music business?

CAM: I wanna be involved in a bunch of different things.  I don’t wanna be labeled just a rapper.  I wanna produce, and make other people’s music also.  I don’t want anyone to be able to tell me what I can, and can’t do.  I wanna be in control of my own career.


WIMP: What can the fans expect from CMP in the near future?

CAM: I’m gonna be releasing a few singles on on iTunes pretty soon, and another free mixtape after that.  I’m preforming on March 18th at the School of Rock in New Jersey, and on March 3oth at a college to be unnamed.  Also, on March 21st I will be releasing my first new track, and I will also be dropping the music video for Doing My Thing so stay tuned.


WIMP: Are these new tracks, or remastered?

CAM: Both.  I’m gonna touch up a few songs, but I’ll also be coming out with some new ones also.  There is no time to kick back, you gotta grind.


As you can see, it’s not hard to tell that Cam has the poise and presence required of a successful artist.  Jump on board now, because the sky is the limit for this young Boston native.  You can check out more Cam Meekins on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter here.  I attached Cam’s fresh new music video Rain below, along with a link to download his mixtape 1993.

Download Cam Meekins – 1993 (Mixtape) Here




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